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Dear Friends, 

The very one purpose of developing such a giving social platform is humanity. Giving people the necessity of sustaining a better living. The questions below are questions most asked;

Q: Is iCHATit.com a social website?

A: YES, and not just like any other.

Q: What is an Individual, Participatory Pay-it-Forward Philanthropy Initiatives Values system?

A: Non-Profits and Government Agencies use some form of a Philanthropic Initiatives Values (of giving) but not particularly in a Participatory way (of working together) and not in an Individual Consumer manor. OK, a little simpler.... We're giving back a portion of our revenue to help you, and in kind help someone else and so on. It only requires your participation, somewhat like what you're doing now on any other social network. A large scale Pay-it-Forward domino effect.  

Q: How many retailer(s) and or service provider(s) are there participating in the Pay it Forward system?

A: Thousands upon Thousands! of In Kind and Alike participation, With big anticipations of great success.

Q: What is a iCHATit.com $pendingCredit® and what can it be used for?

A: $pendingCreits® are earnings or rewards of your participatory participation of sharing, liking, commenting, creating your-reality ads and videos, inviting other friends, inviting advertisers, creating sponsored events and, you even earn them when you purchase products via the system. The more you communicate with your friends and advertisers using our features, the more you earn.

You can use your $pendingCredits® on 'Anything' that's advertised on iCHATit.com and in any participating stores, Including Utilities, Vehicles, Real Estate, without deposits or loans/payments.

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Q: Is there an account of such that $pendingCredits® go into?

A: YES! After each action has been digitally verified, your earned and given $pendingCredits® will go into your FDIC secured Vault automatically and notifications sent to you.
**You’ve Got New $pendingCredits®**

Q: Is there an app for mobile use?

A: YES! With on-the-spot-sale special features and co-op store participation awareness GPS tracking and iCHATit.com/Paid Card and device payment features. **VERY IMPORTANT, UNLIKE MOST, WE WILL NOT ASK YOU FOR PERMISSION TO USE YOUR PHOTOS, VIDEOS, MICROPHONE, OR FILES.** 

Q: Are there warranties or return policies of products from retailers and manufactures?

A: YES! Per-standardized law.

Q: Can $pendingCreits® be transferred to others as help?

A: YES! That’s the whole premises of the Pay-it-Forward concept: HELPING EACH OTHER.

Q: Are there financial and tax advisers available if needed?

A: YES! We encourage folks to ask questions.

Q: Is there a Debit Card that can be used at participating retail outlets?

A: YES! Vault Debit Visa® card.

Q: Are online purchases in real time and available for pick-up or delivery?

A: YES! Every participating merchant (or service provider) will use a standardized system.

Q: Does iCHATit.com inventory any products for sale on the site?

A: NO!

Q: Are the executive members of iCHATit.com trying to be the largest and richest on the planet?

A: NO! As humbled members of  “LIFE,” like many in Kind, a humbled older experienced person has less to prove and the willingness to help others. Myself, 59 and my team exceeds 82 of age, and our mission is even more transparent and humbled by Helping People. It's really very simple, we're Old and can only spend but so much, REALLY!  

Q: Will there be any more innovative Pay-it-Forward platforms available in the future?


Our Consumer Friends, there's one question you should be asking yourself; 

Q. Is there anything better than you, knowing what you want and, then directly asking for it from a seller of your choice and again, having the money in a predetermined designated account to purchase those products and services, without using 'YOUR' hard earned income?

A. THE ANSWER IS NO! There's many survey offers, coupon offers, very small percentage cash back offers, gift card offers, Bank and Financial Loan offers and, Pre-Paid card offers 'with hidden fee's' and that all require your hard earned income, That You Could Be SAVING Using iCHATit.com.

Last but not least,

Q: Are you ready to start $pendingCredits® and helping others?

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