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Your Logo is a reflection of your business and should be a brand symbol of the best of what you offer and do. You can see that we're offering very aggressive “Public Relationship” tools and opportunities at it's best and it's without saying that any “Trusted Brand” would want too be in front of the well-prepared best.

So, Don't Forget to Email us your Logo for the TRUSTED retailers / businesses / service providers / manufactures TrustedLogo© List and iCHATit.com free network marketing & advertising through iCHATit Technologies random corporate marketing campaigns.

Send your logo / artwork to: trustedlogolist@ichatit.com 

Please look for update emails and TrustedLogo artwork request that may end up in your junk mail, it's very important that you respond when ask for additional information to prepare for your profile and the beta hard launch that's coming up next very soon.

How it works is very simple: our features and applications allow customers or business owners a personal, stress-free transaction. They give available predetermined amounts to spend, predetermined approvals, predetermined direct merchandise/service offered and wanted.

A new approach, to bringing together four players: buyer, seller, fundraiser, and business owner, to produce a win-win result for all players.

Advertising and marketing are a part of social networking but are viewed by most social network users as annoying.

Paying it Forward is a proactive, user specific business innovation relating to proactive social advertising, promoting community welfare and development by providing targeted proactive participation with advertising services through iCHATit.com social network.

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