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iCHATit.com is a Individual, Participatory, Pay it Forward, Strategic Philanthropy Initiatives Value (for profit) social network platform and is a fully proactive and interactive system with PURPOSE. ichatit.com is able to work with any business, retailer, social network, social media, or consumer to participate in its business innovative system building honest and transparent loyalty with bigger interactive rewards.


Expectation of our Unmatched, Social Relationship Marketing Innovations are not the recreation of any systems process but a way of improving it, the way we live with it and use it. Our process results in the development of a stronger sense of self and proactive business with strong consumer/commercial Participatory insentives into given and earned Value.

Most Important, it's a "WIN WIN" for everyone!

This concept (similar to how Facebook works, without a reward) when you share advertisements you earn rewards called Spending Credits. There are on an average of millions of unique visits a day to these types of sites. The concept of getting paid for looking at advertising, watching videos, doing surveys, playing games, and doing offers is not unique with ichatit.com. However, what is unique is the social aspect of getting credit to share, comment, save, direct consumer merchant email advertising and get for it. Also being able to purchase goods and services from advertisers with the money you have earned on the site directly. One other aspect that sets this apart from these sites is the targeted amount of “self-advertising” per category where you won't need to go through a salesperson or developer to put your own banners or offers on the site technology.

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What are $pendingCredits?
$pendingCredits are a product of targeted proactive social participation that are transformed into powerful tools enabling members the freedom from using their income that's used in everyday life. Our system uses credits that pay for what you proactively participate in and purchase. You can also send credits to friends or family (college students), etc. One CHAT Credit equals $1 that can be used for anything advertised on iCHATit.com and other iCHATit Technologies companies and social websites.

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Social Media customers will purchase your products using spending credits they earn and earn extra spending credits when shopping that's PAID FORWARD TO SOMEONE ELSE via a fundraising sister site.

The reward in the Pay it Forward concept is what makes it more interesting for everyone. The consumer with their participation is rewarded, and as a result, the retailer/business owner is rewarded by making a sale, as they are part of the system now. You can even be rewarded additionally by sending out invitations. This concept rewards everyone, both the consumer and the business owner, unlike other social media platforms when sharing information. We will also be providing employment opportunities to include internships in the very near future. This is our second round of ad space opportunities we are offering to business owners/retailers/advertisers with free memberships (will require to fill out a form when becoming a member with your early access ad order) nationally allowing them to purchase valuable marketing/advertising space at deeply discounted prices prior to our hard launch (tentatively set for 2018) giving your business/organization the competitive edge.

How it Works

How it works is very simple. Our features and apps allow customer and retailer/service providers a more personal, stress-free interaction without hurdles and disappointment, giving a predetermined number of credits to spend, predetermined approvals, and predetermined direct merchandise/service wanted and offered.

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